Animation disappears when defining doctype

Hello everyone, my name is Gary and I’m new to Hype. My background is a web developer and I’m working on a freelance project and have just hit a bit of a roadblock. I am using a responsive template called Unify to build a site from. I have created my first animation just to test with, and it previews fine from within the app and when I run the html file on my server it works fine. However, when I embed it in my page it initially would not work. I have successfully narrowed it down to the very FIRST line of code . If I remove the line, then it shows my animation. However, anything below the main content container, such as my footer disappears. If I put the line back in then I get my footer but no animation. Could anyone steer me in the right direction as to how to solve this?

Thank you so much for your time in advance.

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Hi Gary,

Can you post an example project that displays the issue, and maybe an example of the page you are placing it into.

Also it is not clear which ‘code’ you are referring to so if you could point that out along with any other info that may help us help you.


Absolutely - go to You will see the animation does NOT play. Now, if I were to take out the following line, which is the very first line of code in the template , then it will play. However, my entire blue footer then disappears.

Thank you for the help!


Please put the line of code in code tags. use the code tag button </>

<!DOCTYPE html> is the line giving me issues - line 1 if you view source…

OK, so I think I fixed this by using an absolute url to the javascript rather than a relative url. I’m using Coldfusion for the language and FW/1. The good news is that it’s working, and the doctype is still specified. Thanks to those that replied. It’s nice to know this product is supported and that the forums are active since I am new to Hype.

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