Animated infographic (and free tutorial in spanish)

I just wanted to show you an animated infographic we did last month for one of our courses. The aim was to show an inbound marketing strategy. We also converted this infography into a tutorial in spanish. Hope you like it! We also include our project in a .zip file… But sorry everything is in spanish!

  • Si alguien que habla español está mirando este foro, que sepáis que es un tutorial en el que se puede aprender a hacer una infografía animada con Tumult Hype. Es muy detallado, incluye vídeos, todo el proceso paso a paso, la plantilla Hype…

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Hi @flors Emma, nice work! well done.
The tutorial is clear and detailed.

The Spanish community is growing! here’s another interesting event in Barcellona

Thanks @michelangelo :slight_smile: We didn’t know about this event!

Thanks to @flors @UbicuoStudio we can share this tutorial in HypeDocks.

Tumult, The EU community is very active :slight_smile:

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