Animate CC vs Tumult Hype

(jack) #1

I’m looking to build. an interactive heavy site - nested animations, chained actions, added sound, dynamic scrolling type stuff.

I was going to use a combo of Animate CC and Muse till I saw there is still some major issues with control for animated OAM imports in Muse, then I saw Tumult Hype as an alternative in a forum, it looks very slick but I wondered if anyone can give me comparisons or a preference?

Disclaimer: I’m not after coding solutions or more hard end coding options, I don’t have the free time to learn this way right now, so I’d rather work with frontend design tools. I’m also really trying to avoid any Muse widgets, they all look like financial temptresses.

Look forward to hearing opinions! Cheers ShowBox

(Freelancer) #2

the most important difference between the softwares is the cost, the second important difference is the weight of the exported code, hype is much better in both cases. Remember that Adobe is a multimillionaire Company and Hype is made by humans only. the comparison is not easy to do.

The rest depends exclusively on your skills, if you are familliar on CC you can use Hype!


Me neither! Easy-to-grasp GUI + inbuilt ‘starter kit’ library of some handy pre-coded functions / extension scripts = this combo in my opinion would make a first-choice authoring tool for graphic designers with no coding background.

(Pete) #4

Having tried both animate cc and edge animate back in the day I can honestly say, Hype is by far a better tool for the job. The UI is just right, or I’m just use to it that I can never look at any other HTML/Javascript animation suite like Hype. Its got something for everyone from beginners to advanced users.

Btw, are you the developer of MovieBox for IOS?


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For all you know it could’ve been his signature. :joy: Mr Signature remover.