AMP HTML | Hype integration

Hi everyone,

did anyone build something in Hype with AMP-HTML before?
Going true the documentations.

It's not possible. The standard is very restrictive on animation techniques, allowed tags and uses custom tags to allow fast loading with a high level of external control.

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So, back to Google Web Designer.

Yes, and even there you only can use a minimal subset of properties and functionality:

But in a way AMPHTML Ads is a fixed set of usage with HTML/CSS.
Maybe @jonathan could gray out the settings inside of Hype that are not allowed. Also force the animation to CSS only.

Would be nice.

We could some other companies integrating this:

That is a major rewrite under the hood. Greying out stuff is the least of problems. It is the entire stack of used tags and nesting. It ends in the big one… CSS's animations. That is an entirely different way of animating things as current Hype does. I wouldn't hold my breath on this one :wink: .

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This is what Hype should convert to on export: (48.2 KB)

Maybe that would be an approach to just generate an export script.

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That could most likely be done with an export script but it would include parsing the document JSON in the document loader. Not sure it's worth it at this point, as GWD does what you want. Also, In my opinion… AMP might just be a temporary thing. It has the purpose to speed things up and transfer control to the plattforms. But the web, mobile devices and the whole stack is becoming more powerful by the day. Not sure how long AMP can be pushed if the market shifts. We will see… maybe Tumult has something in the secret vault of upcoming features?

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Who knows. My friend Malte Ubl ist the creator of AMP. I'll ask him if AMP has a future. Made by Germany. :slight_smile:


Pretty much all of @MaxZieb's comments are accurate for why this cannot be done now.

There's no fundamental Tumult direction that is opposed to exporting in formats like AMP or a HTML+CSS Animation that are a subset of Hype's features, and personally I'd like to explore this more.

The UI is pretty much the heart of the problem. (It would be a lot of work too, but that's okay)

We do have the browser warning system, but I feel this is not "strong enough" when there are explicit features that would always be missing from an export. Some of the considerations:

  • There are some users who would prefer a different export or could take advantage of one but don't need it and wouldn't want it to affect their creativity
  • There are some users who will never want to use a Hype runtime HTML5 export. If they are new to Hype it might be hard to know that they can't use most features.
  • In that regard, folks may buy Hype before trying and not realize they can't do what Hype advertises, but due to their output format choice and then feel deceived
  • There are some users who already have an existing document and need it to use the new format... some of those can be exported without issue, some use features that can't be exported
  • I don't want to make users always choose when opening a document. Flash/Animate does this and it is yuck.
  • If they choose, they could choose wrongly and not realize they are missing out on a lot of features


I've had lots of thoughts, like even having a separate application alltogether :stuck_out_tongue:, but still haven't come up with a satisfactory model yet.

That is all to say it is on my radar :slight_smile:.