Amobee spec set up Display Ads in Hype?

Has anyone got any experience in setting up Display Ads in Hype that will export correctly to their spec sheet here:

It looks like they need absolute path file names?

I think it should work well. I'm seeing this in the linked PDF:


Amobee supports HTML5 creative uploads submitted in a ZIP file that contains an HTML file and
local supporting assets (PNG, JavaScript, etc.) The HTML file should contain standard IAB
clickTag coding outlined at
Amobee can only accept HTML files with supporting assets that have explicitly referenced local paths
to the ZIP file from the HTML file. Adobe Edge files are one example of the type of file format that is
not supported for Amobee-hosted creative. If you have any questions about how to format your files,
please contact
Please make sure to set the clickable area in the style section of the creative code by adding the body
width and height. Not doing so may result in the banner being clickable outside of the banner frame
which will cause the creative to be rejected.
To ensure the clickTag works properly and adheres to IAB standards, the following code is required
within the HTML file:
• The clickTag declaration code, placed in the section:
<script type=”text/javascript”> var clickTag = “”; </script>
• The clickTag event trigger code, placed in the section:
<a href=”, ‘_blank’);void(0);”>
• The section must also include a closing anchor:
Note: The URL entered in the VAR clickTag will be replaced with the Amobee click-tracking string.

It looks like it will work well with Hype, since they accept HTML files with supporting assets that have explicitly referenced local paths -- Hype uses this method, which is actually a relative URL to assets.

  • To satisfy their linking requierment, setup a full width and height rectangle to trigger an exit using their clicktag format.
  • Don't use any external CDNs for the Hype library (no external fonts, either)
  • Add this to the head of the document:

<script type=”text/javascript”> var clickTag = “”; </script>

Create a new JS for a 100% x 100% rectangle that runs this JS function:, ‘_blank’);

That's it (I think)

I’m just struggling with this now, they keep on bouncing back the ad saying :

"Amobee only accepts code and assets that are referenced in the the HTML file and also include a direct path to the resource locally in the zip file.

The image files in your creative are not being called from a direct path from the HTML file to the image file. Amobee needs the image files to be called from a direct path from the HTML file, for example "src=“Images/image1.png” - otherwise the banner will appear blank.

The files need to be updated to accommodate a direct path to a image files in the .zip to work properly in Amobee."

Could it be because the image files are not of the format src=“Images/…” ?

I’ve just tried to export as Adwords then manually change all image references to “./Images/…” that way the code shows the actual paths when loaded into their preview panel.

They sent me a working example here (67.2 KB) but that is using old JS.

Any ideas how I can get this working?

What was this code Daniel? I cant see it ...?

I fixed that...

That runs counter to how Hype builds the DOM dynamically, almost as though they don't support any JavaScript for inserting elements. Maybe insert a few images in your HTML page set with style="display:none; ?

In the example they shared, the page looks like this when JS is enabled, which might be part of their requirements:

So if you could build either a simple backup image (outside of Hype) or a simple HTML section this might be a solution.