Am I using SVG Files Incorrectly?

I’ve noticed a problem with some of my SVG files. In my own browser (Chrome most recent version) they load properly and everything looks fine.
On another users machine using Chrome (not sure of the version) they are displaying as random text characters…?

Do I need to include something with the SVG files so they show up correctly? Does anyone know why this might be happening?

Thank you!

Are you importing the SVG as an image or as code pasted into an element? If it’s the latter, then there might be something wrong with the code.

I’ve been using SVG with Hype. Aside from a scaling issue, it pretty much has been working for me.

I’ve just been dragging them in as an image.

Ha, maybe try the reverse then. Import the image as code in an element.

Maybe put both side-by-side… Then open in a web browser and inspect the elements with developer mode. If you see any errors, that might be where the problem is located. This is just troubleshooting. I’m not sure why the SVG image won’t load.

Maybe it’s a design problem., is your SVG using fonts? I usually flatten my vector graphics and convert everything to curves.

Thanks I’ll try that. And yes, the SVG is using fonts. I look in to flattening them…

Using “convert to path” is the best option.