AlphaPod, Hype-based animation site

(julian) #1

Hello to the community, this is my latest illustration and hype project. Will launch soon. Any feedback is appreciated. I’m still working on a mobile version.

Thanks in advance


(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2

wow, this is great! so much love in detail and of course phantastic art works. i also really like your own style for webworks as one gets tired on all those wordpress-bootstrapped-mobrise and co-themed sides … it’s fresh and clear.
p.s. so sweet: magnus the magnetic dog:grinning:

(julian) #3

Thank you, so glad you liked it.

(Sara Schmidt Boldon) #4

Gorgeous! I want to spend all day coloring Alphapods. :grinning:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

This is incredible! Beautiful artwork and animations.

(julian) #6

Thank you Jonathan. Glad you liked it!

(Freelancer) #7

Hype is absolutely the best program for great Designers (with technical skills), in my personal opinion this is one of the most representative works!

@julian , great job! I can’t wait to see also the App :slight_smile:

…Added in the web gallery of HypeDocks

(ocultor) #8

Truly unique, I like it a lot.