AlphaPod, Hype-based animation site

Hello to the community, this is my latest illustration and hype project. Will launch soon. Any feedback is appreciated. I’m still working on a mobile version.

Thanks in advance



wow, this is great! so much love in detail and of course phantastic art works. i also really like your own style for webworks as one gets tired on all those wordpress-bootstrapped-mobrise and co-themed sides … it’s fresh and clear.
p.s. so sweet: magnus the magnetic dog:grinning:

Thank you, so glad you liked it.

Gorgeous! I want to spend all day coloring Alphapods. :grinning:

This is incredible! Beautiful artwork and animations.

Thank you Jonathan. Glad you liked it!

Hype is absolutely the best program for great Designers (with technical skills), in my personal opinion this is one of the most representative works!

@julian , great job! I can’t wait to see also the App :slight_smile:

…Added in the web gallery of HypeDocks

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Truly unique, I like it a lot.