Advice appreciated

Following my recent post on worries about Catalina I am wondering whether building a large project purely in Hype is sensible. The project features approx 50 scenes most of which have multiple timelines that contain multiple svg image motion path animations and will include audio content. The recent crashes in Catalina have prompted this reflection on the build method. I am wondering whether to build the animation scenes in Hype and put the whole thing together in a HTML editor. Any thoughts or advice will be much appreciated as this is intended for museum HD interactive lectern display so it is important I get it right.


I created a project with over 100 scenes. It gets very tedious to work with Hype when you have a lot of scenes.

But if you’re building this as a local site, and you don’t mind a bit of tedium, I like the idea. Catalina and iPad OS have caused big problems for me, but that’s not the fault of Hype. I’m actually disappointed that I couldn’t build “Widgets” in Hype, because I know it could easily handle 50 widgets. Unfortunately, I needed Flexbox.

But what’s the alternative for you?

Personally, I like doing things in pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It takes a lot longer though – and it’s not like that’s a path free of trouble. Heh, I hit plenty of issues. The reason “Apparatuses” (the iOS/iPad version of Widgets) isn’t available yet is because of an iPadOS issue. There’s nothing I can do. I sent in the bug report and now I wait.

At least with Hype, there’s a nice community to help. HA HA.

Thank you for the reply and yes, you are right, the community here are wonderfully supportive. Bearing in mind your project I think I may just carry on with the Hype build. The jumpy animations threw me a bit as I had not encountered that phenomenum before in previous projects so I can only think that it is due to the OS. Anyway I am running out of time fast so rebuilding (which I have done several times to try and resolve the motion path problems) is no longer an option.

Another person’s perspective always helps, so thank you once again.


Can’t you downgrade to a previous OS version with less, or non, crashes?

Apparrently, that is a pathway fraught with problems!

If it’s a lectern, don’t you basically control everything?

You could run a different OS through Virtual Box or something like that.

Actually, if your interactivity isn’t too demanding, wouldn’t a Raspberry Pi 4 and a monitor work? You could create your project with Hype and a Mac, but you don’t need Hype or a Mac to play the project.

I don’t know which option is right for you, but it sounds like you have a lot of options.

Good thoughts, i initially ran the idea of a Pi past their head of IT but he seemed against that idea, personally I thought the scenario would be ideally suited to the museum environment and cheaper too!