Adserver forcing the use of their own made animators

It could be so that here in Germany one AdServer ( will be forcing us to build Banners(creatives) in their AdBuilder. My biggest nightmare. :slight_smile:

Why? We don't get too animate as good as possible in Hype.
To ad: Google Web Designer was in 2015 also a horrible problem to animate Banners(creatives).

Have a call later today. Let's see what they want.

Animator Layout

I am just crying here. So please ignore. :slight_smile: It is messing with my roadmap I have with Hype.

Hmmm, Flashtalking used to accept ads made with Hype... I have an old contact from ~2015 that I'll reach out to and see if they can shed more light on this decision and/or if there's a way for them to continue to accept Hype-produced ads.

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