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(Pete) #1

With the updates to Adobe apps I’m completely In awe with Adobe XD.
I’d say auto animate and responsive resizing is something I would love to see in hype one day. Maybe an overhauled responsive design under the hood? Additionally, now that Adobe Xd is open to devs maybe Hype plug in for Adobe Xd allowing html exports and saving files as Hype files?


Responsive Resize Auto Animate

(Loves Hype) #2

Hey Pete,

I watched the keynote too and I nearly posted about it too. I just thought I might not posted any feature request about it as @jonathan really needs to get that 4.0 release of his cest :wink: … Loving the auto-animated. It’s what I watered to accomplish with Scene Magic but never finished as I didn’t get around to it. Scene Magic misses fading out unused element automatically and relies on classes instead of an diff of the actually names of the folder and elements. About resize this is an little marvel but I won’t expect that in Hype as it’s a really Interface Design specific feature and reliant on the grouping. Export from XP to Hype would be neat. Possible … even though the Hype JSON is a bit cryptic because of the name shortening lookup they use. Been watching MAX since Adobe bought Macromedia and they started the conference …


(Pete) #3

I said one day which means whenever def not until after 4 is released.

Heres a guide to making XD plug-ins could be as easy as 1,2,3 for someone like @Jonathan. I say rather than having Hype own Plugins an export process from xd could be an answer.

(Loves Hype) #4

Yeah. Then I will be adding tons of feature request to @jonathan to do list… or reminding him of the ones I already posted. I am giving XD a spin on the weekend. Used it one project so far… about a year ago.

(Pete) #5

Watched 2018 max from start to end some really great updates to PS, XD, DIMENSION… The sad part they didn’t really touch on Adobe Animate :slight_smile: makes me wonder what it is going on with that app. Ever since Apple cursed Flash and them renaming it to Animate things have just gone spiraling down or maybes just my perception? I hope one day they can update that aged interface already.

(Loves Hype) #6

The XD-API looks sooo nice… would love such an interface in Hype. Plugins and exporter written in Javascript with full access to an internal application class API. Not long and XD will be having Timeline Plugins and native export to Web and other platforms for production use. Thumbs up!

I must say I have given up on anything happening along these lines. And hope dies usually the last…
R.I.P. Flash.

(Loves Hype) #7

You know what I like about XD too… it has this great interface to link “scenes” or states with an flow chart. I was working on the Hype Twine extention because I love the visual way Twine ( lays out the “story” and flow. With XD you can actually also tell an interactive story with the focus on visual story telling. It still missed variables etc. but I like the “artboard” approach.

With that voice extension they demo’ed one could already develop interactive voice enabled storybooks! Nice°

(Pete) #8

True, True! Its Adobe’s version of Sketch kinda. Adobe killed Muse to focus on XD as mentioned by project manager. XD’s artboard and the prototype tab that almost ‘node based’ ui to point stuff to yes its freaking amazing.

Sketch has a plug-in that exports animations but it’s a poor one looks good but not really, it has this weird export process.

I say if a decision is made to create an export plug in for both XD and Sketch that would a big win, win for Tumult.

(Loves Hype) #9

Yes specially because apps like Kite App ( already have done the Job. Although that app doesn’t offer web export (yet).

(Pete) #10

Yeah I looked at the kite app about few days ago looks promising but no HTML export? Bummer.

(Pete) #11

Nifty online animator when it comes to 3D interactivity. comes with a monthly price tag that’s out of this universe.

(Loves Hype) #12

Yes. I saw this somehow linked on @jonathan twitter feed a while back. If I remember, correctly.

(Pete) #13

Yeah, this was a targeted ad on Facebook popped out as a sponsored ad.

(Jeff) #14

Except remember, Xd doesn’t actually MAKE anything except a wireframe prototype. You still have to hand it off to a developer who then re-creates everything you did in Xd in HTML5/CSS/JS. (Unless something changed from last year’s Max when I got this answer from the show floor.)

(Pete) #15

Absolutely, XD is a prototyping app, though it doesn’t have to stop there, specially now that XD is open to developers. If you think about it, Hype can be seen as both a prototyping app and a HTML export / development app. Using XD and its prototype animations along with responsive resize allows for a quicker and a bit more snappier experience than Hype. Also theres an Plug-in for Sketch that does just that
AnimaApp but its not as good as it can be.

Watch the XD segment and see how easy it makes for a prototype experience and just think of the possibilities if the there was an exporter.