Adobe Flash to Tumult hype

I just read the Flash story and fight with apple. Now with Tumult hype.

I remember a lot that I was 12 years old at my school, my teacher has taught me Adobe software for audiovisual editing and I call attention to Adobe premiere pro and Adobe Animate.

But some years using with Adobe Flash but they don’t convince me so much for ActionScript. That’s why I move to Adobe dreamweaver and all great but I still use Adobe Premiere pro (It’s my favorite video editor)

When I found out Tumult Hype in App Store and try. In an hour later he buys me right away so far … I’m already far from premiere pro because tumult hype has taken me time to give me thousands of ideas.

Now I am making thousands of UI and UX design disability accessibility Especially for deafblind and deaf people.

I am a deafblind person, designer … now I concentrate as an interactive designer with two software (Tumult hype and Unity 3d) more important my life. Because I am going completely blind in the future but with two software it has saved me a lot.

I want to know what is your future vision in hype to bring new ideas and new tools?

Another question … How many members do you use in Tumult Hype?


Thanks a thousand thanks for using Tumult Hype, I am only a passionate user of this software is my daily support in my work, in fact I am now in a 1000 x 100 percent project in Hype.
I discovered it almost at the beginning and I got hooked on it is like my Photoshop with it on everything.

But I tell you, I am not an advertiser nor do I get paid to say this but Hype Pro is a powerful tool to make interactive content. But this company has a great secret that they never talk about. They are not the codes, it is not the interface, it is not the faceil of its use …
It is the team that is behind this powerful tool Mr. Jonathan Deutsch has assembled a real, warm team ready to help and guide you in every step. They are your friends from day one.

Daniel is the shy but a monster in conscience. Unfortunately I don’t know them in person but they are my best support. Of Hans-Gerd Claßen, not to speak seems a character from the Wars of the Galaxy is a Jedi.
But if what you need is something rough, wild, clear and fast there is this
DBear, Leader to show you the way and demand the best from you.
Kjell Erik Berg for me a warrior in this web contest.

I apologize if I do not name everyone but these have been my support at the beginning of my change from Flash to Hype, I am a graphic designer I do not like the codes what mine is the aesthetics the color, the balance; but with Hype I have learned that the best code, the best tool, the best software is the people who develop the software and its team that supports the users.

Jonathan Deutsch says many things that he is a millionaire, that he bought a new private plane, that lives on a private island, that he is an Apple partner but what is certain is that he never neglects his team to his software and its users .

At your command


Thank you for sharing your personal story, @Casimiro. It means the world to us that our app can have this impact.

Likewise it is great to hear your background and the kudos to our team, @pixelsarts. Note though that while @Daniel is part of Tumult, @DBear, @h_classen, @keberg (and many others who also devote a lot of time) are not in our employ and incredible users who come here of their and help folks on their own accord! We’re extremely grateful to have them here and so generously willing to lend their expertise.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never said any of those things! :desert_island: :wink:

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My apologies for my English what I meant is “It is said of Jonathan Deutsch…”,
It’s just a joke and it’s true that there are many amazing people behind Hype, Tumult only comments on the people I’ve contacted directly.
But when you decide to use your new plane, let us know and we will be waiting for you in Florida.

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Of course it’s a joke.
Everyone knows private islands are cheaper than living in San Fransisco.


Acabo de investigado los vidos que hizo con Adobe flash… me sorprendido mucho con estos antiguos flash que hizo las artistas brillante!!.

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Aqui esta la lista 1600 videos de los mejores interactiveos con flash de 1990 a 2019.

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So here’s a literal case of Flash to Hype…

This is actually a very involved presentation and does not lend itself to casual viewing.

“Becoming Human” is an award winning documentary & web site (Webbie 2002 - Science award) that I translated from Flash to Hype. This documentary was produced for the “Institute of Human Origins” found by paleoanthropologist Dr. Don Johanson - the discoverer of “Lucy” one of the most significant discoveries ever in anthropology.

I was going to use Adobe’s “Edge Animate” but the day I signed the contract Adobe announced “Animate” was history. Fortunately Hype was waiting in the wings with open arms - and v3.5 was just released :tada:. Also @Photics “A Book About Hype” book was recently made available :tada: to get me up to speed quickly; And this amazing Forum :tada: was part of the Hype environment.

I had the Flash version on one monitor and the Hype document on another. And piece by piece, interaction by interaction I mimicked every aspect of the Flash presentation. All in all it was a three month endeavor - and my very first Hype project. :flushed:

An ongoing Thanks to all of You!


Que brutal!!! me gusta mucho. Espero que Adobe Animate no esta concentracion a interactive como lo hace Adobe Flash.

Viva Hype!!!

Ahora aqui estoy haciendo un concept design de KFC con modelado 3d.

Que os parece??




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