Adminpanel.php line 404 issue: Can't import OAM to Wordpress Plugin

Installed your latest version of the OAM import plugin, but it won’t activate because it produces a fatal error. Tried installation procedure twice.
As a workaround I tried exporting the file to an HTML file and importing it to my site through an Iframe. This worked but the animation cuts off on the right no matter how big the iframe.

@Daniel will likely end up sorting you out but just wondering which plugin you installed.
There are two. The old one not made by Tumult

And the current one made by Tumult.

The plugin page should be colourful like this

If the buttons look different and the plugin name is not " Tumult Hype Animations"

Then you may have the discontinued one

What was the error? Can you send me a private message with more info about your setup? Being able to login to your Wordpress site is helpful. You can click 'Message' on my profile page here: Profile - Daniel - Tumult Forums

Thanks for your quick reply. Here is the error message:

Fatal error : Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/wordpi6/public_html/clinksredesign/wp-content/plugins/tumult-hype-animations/includes/adminpanel.php on line 404

I’ve sent you a PM giving you admin access.


Forgot-- the website is at

For others hitting this issue, the problem was the server was running an old version of PHP. The quickest way to resolve this is to talk to your webhost and have them get you to a recent version of PHP. Ideally, you would use the ‘Current Stable’ or ‘Old Stable’ versions listed here: