Adding a video or animated gif to hype doc question

Have a Hype doc that needs two videos inserted to a timeline. the videos are both the same but one is longer and other is shorter. This is to demostrate two pc’s side by side as one is faster than the other.

I’m able to import the vids but have problems.

  1. I need the videos to be activated by a button which will start the timeline.

  2. Once I get that working I need to stop the iPad and iPhone feature that makes the video larger when looking on those devices?

If this is not possible the only other way is to convert the video to an animated gif, which I can do. But when I import that to Hype I need a way to stop and start the gif as it is an image. Anyone have any ideas?

thx rD

  1. pretty straight forward. The same button can be used for the videos and to start a timeline.

Step 1 : add the videos to a new timeline (call it videos for example) and give them id’s
Step 2 : create a New Function and place this in it:

var video1 = hypeDocument.getElementById('video1');
var video2 = hypeDocument.getElementById('video2');
hypeDocument.startTimelineNamed("timeline") // whatever your timeline name is here replace;;

Step 3 : Create a button element and in the Actions inspector choose the function above on mouse click.

What do you mean by this ??

I think he means the “Auto” full screen which cannot be stopped.

I thought thats what he may mean but just wanted to make sure… :smiley:

Thanks for the code and other replies, what I did was exported an mp4 video out of Photoshop as an image sequence and took the images and placed on a timeline, coded a button to trigger it. this way when the file is viewed on Apple devices I do not haver an mp4 which when you normally trigger it to start it becomes enlarged and plays.

thx problem solved.