Adding a Class to an Element

(Michael) #1

Sorry for off topic. How do you add class to Hype element?

Change action order
(Thomas Lundin) #2
  1. Select the element.
  2. Select the ‘Identity’ tab on the 'Inspector’panel.
  3. Enter preferred class name in the field ‘Class Name’.

CSS code can be added or referenced in the HTML Head view — or you can just drag a CSS file to the ‘Resource Library’. It will be copied to the resource folder. Each time you updated the original of the copied file, Hype will ask if the copy in the resource folder should be updated.

If CSS styling is your goal, uncheck ‘Protect from external styles’ on the ‘Document’ tab.

There are some things to be aware of. Some things might not work as you expect.

(Michael) #3

Thanks Thomas,

I’ve since discovered the last tab “identity” inspector. Before I’ve tried to add it through innerHTML.