Actions: Step forward / back 'x' seconds

(Peter Bright) #1

Related to my previous post Timeline markers plus ‘Next marker’ or 'Previous marker’ Actions have an Action that lets you nominate an amount of time to step forward (or backward) in a time line. This would be helpful for stepping through animations. e.g. Say you have the following controls, you could nominate a ‘step’ as 00:00:10 or 00:01:00 etc.

<| < || > |>

<| step back (proposed)
< play reverse
|| pause
|> play
|> step forward (proposed)

On Mouse Up
Action: Step Forward in Timeline
Timeline: Main Timeline
Duration: 00:00:10

(Markus Bjerre) #2

+1 for the request. I would also like a built in function you could add to the controls/buttons that will forwards/reverse the timeline when you’re holding down the controls, and once you release it, it will pause the timeline or even move to the nearest marker.

(stephen) #3

Nice idea! This would go along well with your marker suggestion.

(Peter Bright) #4

Thanks Markus & Stephen :wink: