Accordion menu item

Hi guys, I need a bit of help. I am build an accordion menu that open with text and on clicking it again closes it. I have managed to get it to open and close the first menu but when I do the same for the second one, it seem to do something funny and I am unable to get back to the default state. There will be 6 menus in this in total

Please have a look at the attached build file and let me know where you think I am going wrong. (1.0 MB)

well, you will be able to do sthg. like this with hypes timelines, but it’ll drive you crazy and doing changes afterwards like adding pieces or reordering will bring you to grave :slight_smile:

you’ll either use bootstrap, any other well known library or use the hype-API :thumbsup: to figure out a (most likely) generic method to do so …

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