Ability to Scale Symbols

Can some one explain me how can I scale a symbol. I’m trying to reuse a symbol on mobile layout and I need to scale down, but standard resize tool does not work with symbols it stays at the same size for some reason. I’m I doing soemthing wrong or this is a bug?



Nope You have to resize the elements in the symbol to the size you want.
So double click the symbol to open it up then “select all” of your elements in the symbol and resize them.

Symbol scaling is something we hope to add in a future update. Thanks for the suggestion!


+1 please add this feature asap. It will save so much time and effort from resizing individual components.


yes please, it will be so useful !


To keep these organized I’m just pointing out that this feature request is similar: Scaling content together

I’m a flash user, currently converting to Hype Pro and this is such a powerful feature in flash, so I would say it’s a pretty essential thing to get into Hype as soon as possible please. It keeps everything nice and neat.


Easy with CSS… apply a unique ID (for example: mySymbol) and add the following code to your head html:

#mySymbol {
    -ms-transform: scale(0.75, 0.75); /* IE 9 */
    -webkit-transform: scale(0.75, 0.75); /* Safari */
    transform: scale(0.75, 0.75);

This scales the symbol to 75%.
Hope this helps…


I’ve got to add my two cents here.

I’ve struggled to get multiple items to scale together in an animation (not a responsive layout) and maintain their relationship to each other. I’ve tried making them into a symbol. I’ve tried grouping them. The current system is waaaaay too cumbersome. I’m going to come at it again tomorrow with fresh eyes and try to implement MaxZieb’s solution. (I don’t know Javascript but I’m going to try to take a stab at this. Can this solution control scale on an animation timeline? Or is MaxZieb’s solution only for responsive layouts?)

Lack of an elegant scaling option is going to be a huge impediment to our agency adopting Hype as an advertising tool. May I be so bold as to suggest this becoming a “must have” for the next version?

I hope this doesn’t sound too critical. I’m loving Hype. Congrats on all your progress. It’s looking good.

This problem was already reported on day one when Hype 3 came out. Symbols currently are useless and there are no way to scale objects on respobsive layouts. Tumult dev team already admited the mistake and said that they are planing to fix this bug in 3.1 release. It was 5 month and we are still waiting for the fix.

This is a major time problem when I need to use a symbol more than once, with the second duplicate being smaller than the first. Please get to this for the next update!

The workaround scales all animation included in the symbol so it works for me. I use it on responsive layouts to reuse symbol animations. Not elegant in the Hype UI but does the job when displaying the page.

You could also create multiple classes in the head HTML like follows:

            -ms-transform: scale(0.75, 0.75); /* IE 9 */
            -webkit-transform: scale(0.75, 0.75); /* Safari */
            transform: scale(0.75, 0.75);
            -ms-transform: scale(0.65, 0.65); /* IE 9 */
            -webkit-transform: scale(0.65, 0.65); /* Safari */
            transform: scale(0.65, 0.65);
            -ms-transform: scale(0.60, 0.60); /* IE 9 */
            -webkit-transform: scale(0.60, 0.60); /* Safari */
            transform: scale(0.60, 0.60);
        <!-- add more styles fixed or increments (if you want to reuse them)-->

… and so on. Maybe use 10% increments :smile:

This way you got reusable classes you can assign to any symbol to scale them according to the class name.


Can you show an example file with desktop and mobile.


It’s a matter of copy & paste. I love to help but the final learnig and work should be done by you :smile:

  1. Create a section in your head HTML
  2. Add the classes described above and make the increments or use fixed sizes
  3. assign class to symbol under ID-Information inspector --> Classname

your done°

PS: For convenience I added the <style></style> to the above example

How is this coming along? I can’t believe this is not possible from within Hype. I didn’t know this when I bought Hype, now I have to jump through hoops because I promised this would work to my client.

We are currently beta testing this feature, and it is almost ready to go! We want to get it in your hands as soon as possible.

When did you buy Hype, and why did you assume "this would just work"? Furthermore, why would you tell a client it would work when it is clearly stated here that it is being considered as an addition for a future upgrade back in March of this year?

Just curious!

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Don’t make it bigger than it is. (scale pun…)

Bought it 2 days ago as a replacement for Flash banner creation.
Transformations are possible on symbols, scaling is a transformation I assumed. Please show me where it’s clearly stated anywhere on the product pages that such a basic thing isn’t possible.
Do you think I should have read thousands of forum threads first?

Anyway, I’m happy someone from Tumult came here to post about the progress on this! Hype has great potential but also some glaring issues and missing features.

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Well, there is a demo... Tumult Hype — Download

I can kinda understand this, as I upgraded to Hype Pro and I was disappointed by the Physics options. There's humungous potential there, but it doesn't do much right now.

I tried Hype for some professional stuff back in 2011. The software wasn't ready for even a simple project. I didn't blame Hype though. Perhaps I was too busy to get angry. But when version 1.6 rolled around, Hype suddenly became the solution to a lot of problems.

I like Tumult. They're cool people. They work hard. They listen to feedback. They understand the industry. So, it's easy for me to stay patient.


Awesome tip