Ability to add comments to timelines, actions, and symbols

This would really help with documenting a complex animation. For example, I may have some nested symbols with a few timelines in each. In the top level symbol, I could add a comment that explains the hierarchy.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

I resume this post because it had thought to propose the possibility to create comments inside the timeline of Hype but I saw that someone had already suggested something like that.
I read that the post is from 2015…it’s been almost 5 years and this feature hasn’t been implemented yet.
I’d like to understand the schedule of the team in integrating customer requests because it seems absurd to me that after 5 years something as important as this hasn’t been realized yet…


Feedback on unimplemented features is always welcome. We don’t specifically comment on release dates or make implementation promises though - there’s a wide variety of factors that can lead to certain features getting done and when. I gave a talk at the Hype Conference in 2016 that covers how we do things:

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