A website created with Tumult Hype

(Colin) #1

I have just completed a new website using Hype. I read the forums from time to time and two items became of interest to me, one being creating a fixed header and the other of using “a“ tags for going from one page to another page but to a specific section of the page. I have been interested in creating a one page website but realized that being a photographer I was going to have quite a few images for display so hence the need for more pages for the images. To the rescue the “a” tag. I should point out that I am not a programmer so a lot of what I did to create the website was by trial and error. When I was designing the site I wanted the user the option of using scrolling or linking to the sections within the page. The website sections are designed that when clicking the links within the menu they size to the iPad in the horizontal orientation. Other than creating a basic external css and learning how to create a simple html page I used Hype for the whole project. My thanks go to the Tumult Hype team for a fine application, I have moved away from iWeb.
the site is here

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2

you may like to have the abilty of smoothscrolling

(Andrew) #3

That is a fantastic looking site Colin.

(Colin) #4

Andrew, thank you I appreciate the compliment.

(Colin) #5

Thank you for the suggestion h_c I had thought about smooth scrolling but I think I will leave that till next time, this project did tax the brain a little, have to give it a rest :smile:

(laggarto) #6

I really like the fixed header.
On the Menu and Home buttons, there are some ¨weak¨ spots.
I put a rectangle over, out of the group, with 0% Opacity, so it covers the whole menu bar.

good job!