A question regarding keybinds

Hi! I have a quick question:
Let’s say that I have binded the button “A” on my keyboard to start a timeline on scene 1.
The same button “A” is binded to start another timeline on scene 2.

Question: Will button “A” start both timeline 1 and timeline 2, even if they are on different scenes?

I don’t have hype here at the moment so that’s why I can’t learn by doing.

Many thanks

Question 2:

Is there a way to bind arrow down and up to move in a list to change :focus selector on the list items? And, if you are on a list item and press enter it will start a timeline?

I’m curious since there will be a new project soon with both physical and digital buttons.
We will have arrow up and down, select (enter) and language.

I guess this can be sorted by having a timeline with the layout switching and bind arrow up and down to move forward and backwards in time, or is there any better way of doing it?

How will the code look like with the select bind? Something with get current time in timeline and then an “if” 2 seconds, start timeline called ‘timeline’?

Take a look at this site to see how to bind the keys
and you would probably want to just target the timeline with the keypress.
Only problem is if A is the same key for different timelines you may have a tough time keeping track of which key when.
You may want to move between scenes and timelines within different scenes for organizations sake.



Awesome, thanks nick! Ye that’s the point, I will have only one unique keybind on every scene. However, on a new scene the keybind will be used for another timeline. I guess it won’t be that much hassle to remove and add a new function for the keybind on each scene.

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