A Book About Tools 🛠

A Book About Tools is now on Kickstarter…

So, you might be wondering, “What does this have to do with me?!” :thinking:

Well, the interactive widgets in this book are being built with Hype. Even the promo video was made with Hype. It shows the power of the software! (I’m really happy with how the promo video turned out. It’s funny.)

Here’s the important part. If this project is successful, then the templates (most, if not all of them) will be released at Photics.com for free! The plan is to include ONE-HUNDRED Tools in this book. (I haven’t decided if it will be one free template a week for nearly two years, or simply one giant drop of Hype templates.)

So, if you liked my previous book, “A Book About Hype”, if you like books about tools, or if you like Hype templates, you might want to check out the Kickstarter project. Thanks!