A Book About Hype (3.5+Pro) 📘

Thanks. From what I can tell it isn't the scene itself that is off, but the elements in the scene start to slide a little. If you set a background color to the scene you can see this. Further, it only happens in Safari; Chrome and Firefox are fine. I believe this is a Safari bug. Unchecking "Use WebKit graphics acceleration" from the Document Inspector also fixes this.

Our minifier (google closure compiler) will automatically remove or add semicolons as it sees necessary (it prefers not to use newlines so I think keeps a lot around, but they aren't really "ours"). I personally like/use them as it does protect against some classes of bugs but also more strongly indicates intent... we're also C/Objective-C developers so it is a bit second nature to us to add them. I'd also say most developers do use semicolons, so there's a better chance of copy/pasted code matching their style. JSLint and other cleanup tools I believe enforce using semicolons.


Progress Update - Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I had a pretty productive day… well… evening. Last night, I was writing up a storm. I’m past the tedious parts of the book. Now I can focus on examples. First up is an RGB color selector. This part is so much more fun. I was doing great until…

Whoa… whoa… whoa… this code is embarrassing. This isn’t optimized.

Almost 24 hours later, I figured out a better way to do it. I decided to add that into the book. It happens a lot. A project might look good at first, but then a problem is discovered. Then it’s the delicate process of deciding how to fix the issue. Maybe there’s a cross-browser issue, maybe the code runs slowly, maybe the code is insecure – a lot can go wrong. I think that’s a good message to communicate. A lot of new developers might think it’s their fault. Nope, just another day at the office.

I don’t want to give you bad code. Even if an example works, it might not be good enough. I don’t want to get angry letters from people that know JavaScript better than me. At least if the letter is from someone at Tumult, they’d probably be friendly letters. The team has been very nice.

OK, I’m just letting you know that I’m still alive and I’m still working.


I agree Michael, long ago I put up a website using Hype ver1.x ( http://greenteamcarboncounty.org ). The ownership has changed several times and thus the contact phone number changed each time. On the first change I looked at the Hype project and decided to improve it, so I redid the entire project. Later on, I really did not want to redo the project but I still needed to be able to change the phone number. I discovered that I could open the “filename_hype_generated_script.js" and simply change the phone number there. That was a big time saver for me.


Progress Update - Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What example do you think I’m working on next?

Also, wow! I was surprised to see this feature as a native part of OS X…

It was really easy to create the retina graphics that way.


Progress Report – Thursday, October 8, 2015

This is the kind of thing that worries me... http://graphic.com

Apparently, iDraw was acquired by Autodesk. It was a minor issue for the book, as I mentioned iDraw. (It's pretty good for creating SVG files – when Illustrator is too expensive.)

The larger concern is that I can't shake the feeling that a similar announcement could be looming for Tumult / Hype.

Now announcing Sprite Mover 5000 - Professional Plus - Championship Edition Turbo (formerly Hype) – A MicroDesk Application, part of the Clay Software Consumption Cloud. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I'm not sure how I feel about Autodesk. That upgrade notification is going to sit there until I figure that out. At least it wasn't (in order of descending contempt) Adobe, Google or Microsoft.

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No guesses? OK, here's another hint...


Hmmmm, could it be a puzzle?

The first image piqued my interest, I didn't know you could slice with Pixemator - that's a handy feature!

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It is a puzzle – a slide puzzle! It's a game from way back in the 1800s. Reading about its history, it reminded me of the Angry Bird craze.

It's a great example, as it shows real world applications of conditionals, timing functions and loops. It's also proof-of-concept that Hype can be used to make actual games.

But unfortunately, it's been a tremendous source of frustration for me this week. I felt that it should be playable. That means it should shuffle. I've been working on that for days. HA. I couldn't figure it out. I was running into weird errors.

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Can’t wait to this project drops! I am a huge fan of Hype. I find my self on he forms a lot trouble shooting projects very frequently. Mostly scaling issues… But having a solid resource to help give a complete walk through would be a game changer for myself as well as countless others. I have already done some pretty amazing stuff with hype… just wait until i actually have it down pack. If I’m able to create a very solid work flow i will be creating video tutorials to help others and help spread the word about hype as a true brand ambassador. Special thanks to you and the Tumult keep for putting out an amazing product but even more importantly is for all the community support within the forms. The sense of community they have created has keep maybe people tuned into hype and wanting more.


If you need any help to keep the project moving Michael I’m sure there are a few of us that could :wink:

Great work though. Can’t wait to see the outcome.



It’s very need to me, thanks for share this. :smile:

Progress Report – Sunday, October 18, 2015

I might not have a lot of time left to meet an October launch deadline, but at least I have a nice way to display the time…

The “Timing” example shows how to display time in Hype.

The more I use Hype, the less I touch the timeline. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing for the book. The examples are more complex than I imagined they’d be. There’s a lot more JavaScript. I didn’t even get into math related topics, like sin/cos or calculating the distance between elements.

Anyway, I’m still working on the project. It might still launch in October, but I’m not rushing the book.

Also, since the book is planned to be an iBook Store exclusive, you might want to save yourself some money. iTunes gift cards are often available at a discount…

I mention this in the book as a way to save money on Hype, but it could also work for “A Book About Hype”.


Oh… is realy nice. Thank’s

Awesome and thanks for the share. Im all set with my gift card an can’t wait to purchase my instance of your book! and a heads up and fun quick way to get a free iTunes gift card you can try:

This is pretty cool because you get to demo apps for 30 second and receive credit with can be used to redeem free gift cards. It should be easy to earn a gift card in a day or two. Plenty of time to be ready for your book release.

I like to demo apps because it keeps me from being bias and trying new apps, as well as to get inspired and learn how i can improve upon if i was making this app myself…

Works for iOS and android.

Good idea

Progress Report – Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's looking like the book will not launch in October. While the book is close to completion, I feel that the next version of Hype should launch first. When will that be? Perhaps "Soon".

I still have one whole chapter (Publishing) to finish and I'm currently working on wrapping up the "Examples" chapter this weekend. If Tumult doesn't launch the next version of Hype soon, I'll probably just keep adding stuff to the book until they do. Although, I am getting anxious to just launch the book already. This project has been more difficult than I thought it would be and it's taking a lot longer to create than I thought it would.

Perhaps the hard work will make this community proud. Recently, I was looking at the book on my iPad Air 2.

With "Scrolling View" turned on, and the iPad Air 2 in Portrait orientation, the book feels seamless. The pages swoosh by, but then there's an interactive example. It feels like Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Hype projects run right on the page. I think it's pretty cool. This is similar to The Interactive Stencyl Textbook, but that's a fixed layout. The new ePub template is better suited for multiple devices.

If you're commuting to work or sitting at your desk, hopefully the book is versatile enough. Someday "soon", someone could be on a bus or train and swooshing through the pages. Students could be in classrooms, working on examples from the book. That's pretty exciting!


This was a surprise to me too, and I work at Autodesk :smile:

I’ve been an iDraw user since their iPad app - the new version still feels like iDraw, and it has some nice additions in terms of pressure sensitive brushes now so don’t fear the upgrade :wink:

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Progress Report – Wednesday, October 28, 2015

To catch up on the book project, I dedicated two days to work on just “A Book About Hype”. But when I woke up today, it was rainy, dark and cold. I didn’t feel like writing. So after sitting at my computer for about an hour, I realized something – I don’t have a cover yet. So, I started working on it.

My original idea was to create an illustrated view on New York City… Staten Island Ferry, little Coast Guard gun boat, some pretty buildings …but I ended up doing what I’ve been doing with the book. I like the look of simple shapes and bright colors. I kept the blueprint look though. Most of the Interactive examples are on a grid. So, I think the cover reenforces the overall theme of the book. I also think it looks pretty good.

I hit the “Publish” button instead of “Preview”. I was impressed. iBooks altered the cover image to make it look like a hardcover textbook. Wow, this is getting real. The book is about to launch soon.

I started thinking about printing a hardcover copy of this book, but that doesn’t make much sense. The interactive examples wouldn’t work. That’s basically the main attraction of the book. I recently created a “controlling” example. Wow, I’m so happy with it. I’m starting to make basic video games with Hype. Once the book is done, that’s probably what I’ll start working on next.


as less is more … why not just ‘About Hype’ :slight_smile: it surely will be an iBook as published there :slight_smile:


1 sold!