📘 A Book About Hype (2020 Print Edition) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Shoot! Clicked the wronk button. :crazy_face: Can I change my vote to “no”? I rather see you focus on Hype and after the books finished, maybe spend time on an addendum?

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I think the book project is great and I will buy a copy out of curiosity alone. I am also investing in Hype Cookbook (although I was busy with birthdays and client work the past month). I think THIS book (by @Photics) is and will be a must have for beginners and people starting out. I intentionally didn’t try to overlap the scope to much with my effort. So I am focusing on “recipes”, ideas/lookups and useful code fragments. Basically it is aimed at more advanced users. Also it won’t be published as a hardback apart of maybe some print on demand copy if backers want it.

Coming back to the topic of JS in this book… it most likely a book of its own but there is this special breed of Hype specific API calls. This certainly can’t be found elsewhere and that is the sweet spot on JS for a book about Hype in my opinion at least. Also some basics on understanding JS and Hype function scopes.

Have nice weekend you all.


To add to @MaxZieb’s comments…

A page dedicated to offering links (and maybe short commentary about each suggestion) to various resources (on-line & printed books) for the beginning JavaScripter I would think to be of great value.

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Don’t worry, I pretended that you voted no. :smile:

I’ve decided to add a “JavaScript Basics” section. Here’s why…

  • There’s a lot of JavaScript in this book. I feel like some beginner info is needed.
  • I linked to two places to learn about JavaScript. I had trouble deciding on a third. So, I’m making own.
  • I just added 14 pages on Accessibility. It’s not the definitive guide on Accessibility, but it covers the basics (as related to Hype) and lists URLs to get even more information. I’m thinking that the same should be done for JavaScript.
  • More people voted to include the JavaScript basics.

While this is a book about Hype, I see Hype as a stepping stone to becoming a well-rounded web developer / designer. The book needs to reflect that. There’s something special about starting with Hype as a web design / development tool. As you use it, you change. You become better. You rely less on the GUI and dig more into the code. So, including some basic JavaScript information can help speed up that process.

Thanks for voting — poll closed.


book need hype 4, no hype3.6

The new printed book is about Hype 4.

Like the second post in this thread if you want to be notified when it’s available.

Very much looking forward to this (yes I did like the second post!). I agree that a “JS for hype” section is a good idea, along with a couple of examples that show how and why you’d use it.


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Here’s a little preview of what I’m working on…

Did I miss a “frustrated with puzzle” button? :rofl:

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Not sure I’ll do anything significant with it though. What do you think?

    • You should totally put the template files on GitHub
    • I don’t understand what this means.

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