123Muse | heavy usage of Hype


Here you can see some extreme usage of Hype build into a Website.


(Peter Danckwerts) #2

That looks absolutely great.

(ott) #3

how do they do that, is there any workaround in this forum wickh explany hor to program widgts for adobe muse???
(i am designer, not coder, sorry for that perhaps silly question)


Hi Ott,

the programming of Widgets is made true an other language then Hype. This website is mainly to showcase the possibilities of implementing elements created in Hype.

If you want to learn and know on how to create Widgets there is a full documentation available on Github.

Hope this information helped.

(Nick ) #5

Just for clarity this is not a Hype siteā€¦ but a site showing what Hype could do as well?

(ott) #6

thanks a lot for the link


It is a self made website with elements made in Hype. For instance a jumbotron box on each Widgets page.