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Modify the Background Color or Background Image of your Document (17)

When you export your Tumult Hype document and generate an HTML file, your first scene's background color defines the color of your document. Below are a few ways to tweak the color of your document or replace that backgr…

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Making the most of Hype: Documentation, Tutorials and Gallery (2)
Knowledge base: Guides from the Tumult Team (2)

This index of articles show some of the most popular guides for answering questions about Hype documents, working with video, servers, and more. It is a supplement to the official documentation and video tutorials. This …

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Supported File Formats (6)
Reporting a bug within Hype (2)

Help > Report an Issue Before submitting a bug, please search these forums for keywords relating to your issue. Find something mostly related to your issue? Click 'Reply as linked topic' on the right side of the post. …

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