Feature Requests

Shortcut for show all animation keyframes (open all groups on scene) (2)
Convert element to group (or object links) (3)
Multilanguage possible on textboxes or buttons? ( 2 ) (36)
A Plugin System (15)
Set number of loops ( 2 ) (28)
Option to Create Symbol with selection and inherit custom behaviours, timeline and actions as well as animations (5)
Feature request: anonymise project feature (2)
Advanced gradient tool 🤗 (5)
Timeline markers plus 'Next marker' or 'Previous marker' Actions (8)
Paste elements from vectorial application (6)
Filter Elements in Element selection pane (2)
Save Frame Screenshot Jpg / backup image as JPG or PNG? (13)
New option to copy file/s to Scratch when previewing (16)
Saola Animator Hype Basic Shapes (11)
Using Javascript as a language for Export scripts (14)
Please change the rotation angle wheel to stepper ( or both ) (7)
Video Element – Caption Files (WebVTT) (12)
Missing a zoom tool (9)
Timeline view flexibility (3)
Hmm that threw me.. On Any Timeline Complete - maybe we need a warning system (3)
Live-data interaction (2)
Custom input (numbers) for Cubic-Bezier timing function (10)
Tumult Hype in IPAD PRO (6)
What about Android? (5)
Copy/Paste Drop Shadow (3)
Transition easing (2)
Layer Colors, please! (2)
Closed groups should indicate where child keys are on timeline (4)
Sprite Sheet Symbol maker like adobe edge animate (3)
Custom preloading into new version of Hype (2)