Typography A great place to start if you’re curious about how Hype works with fonts is the <a href="http://j.mp/1KRqBIM">Typography chapter</a> of our documentation. Audio & Video Tumult Hype fully support audio actions so you can easily play and stop audio in response to scene events, touch and mouse events, and at specific points in time using timeline actions. For more information, please visit the <a href="http://tumult.com/hype/documentation/audio-video/">audio &amp; video section</a> of our documentation. For more advanced control over audio, please continue reading. If you have a question not addressed in this topic, please create a new topic in this category.
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Embedding a Single PDF page Drag and drop your PDF file into Hype and it will be rendered as an image. Just like other image types, it will follow the resource optimization rules (retina images will be generated by defa…

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