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Interactive Zombie illustrations (1)
Interactive illustrated house to explain dementia with simple analogies (3)
Interactive WWI panorama (6)
A Flexible Countdown Timer (5)
Full Flash Website - both flexible and responsive. Feedback is sought (6)
Just published 2 new interactive children's books on iBooks (9)
IMAGE GALLERY with Dynamically Loaded Images from Folder (15)
Sleep + Screen Time animation (1)
Hype Game Tutorials (4)
Retro Typography (6)
Help to improve designs! (11)
Slot Machine Game made with Hype and jQuery (9)
Syncing Video (Youtube, mp4, Vimeo) with text and animation ( 2 ) (36)
My first gallery (2)
Example Hype Game (10)
Date Picker (Work In Progress) (4)
Slot Machine made with Hype and Javascript (2)
Scroll Navigation (6)
iOS iKlimt App built entirely with Hype (6)
A simple clock with js (1)
Short facebook video/gif (1)
Simple Animation for Instagram/Social Media Video Test (4)
Interactive map using hype (3)
A Book About Tools 🛠 (1)
New website - full of Hype baby (14)
My new animation index (2)
Website made in Hype (3)
Animated movie made with hype (Hamlet introduction) (5)
Animated movie made with hype (Cinderella teaser) (3)
Ōji Momo Sticker Pack (4)